This Life & Electric Vehicles 

This Life & Electric Vehicles 

Published on August 09, 2023

This Life & Electric Vehicles – Chapter 6 of ISCPA’s Tax Saving E-Book


The Mojave sun gently rolled above the horizon, boasting a canvas of vibrant oranges and pinks that painted the desert sky. As I turned the key, the hum of our newly acquired electric vehicle broke the silence that had lingered between Googie and me for the entire sleepless night that followed our kiss. With my heart driving my thoughts, I hadn’t focused on Iryna’s email about the new car’s tax advantages. 

Googie and I had always been mismatched, but brought together by chance – or perhaps even bad luck. Our hearts were polarized in shape and form, opposites attracting only to clash. Still, Googie had become an important part of my plan to find mysterious entities and turn them into employees for my intergalactic staffing agency. While most others laughed at my wild ideas, Googie’s childlike excitement made me believe that anything was possible.

The desert landscape shifted around us as we stayed the course of our expedition.


Joshua trees stretched their spindly arms toward unseen celestials, while the wind whispered its secrets through the ancient rocks lining our concrete path. We made as few stops as possible and shared a full day’s journey with the sun. The sky darkened, and the first stars appeared, twinkling like distant beacons. That’s when we saw them – shadows that danced on the edges of the headlights’ glow. Were they ghosts, aliens, or angels? We couldn’t be sure without following them, so that’s what we did. Luckily the apparitions didn’t depart from the route we were traveling to Gabriel’s?.

Finally, we neared the restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Its light loomed like an oasis of fireflies and champagne bubbles against the encroaching night. As we entered, we were welcomed by a blend of earthly scents and mystical ambiance. The chatter of patrons and the clinking of glasses formed a backdrop to an atmosphere charged with mysteries begging to be revealed.

 A young hostess overdosing on tattoos and turquoise jewelry welcomed us. We took seats in a cozy corner from which we could soak up the colorful space’s vibe. Gabriel’s was rumored to be a gathering place for those who either dreamed or dared to venture beyond the ordinary. We sought to connect with the darers. Gabriel himself, a man with a knowing smile and sparkling eyes, approached our table.

“Rumor has it you’re looking for aliens,” he said, his voice a raspy whisper.


Googie and I exchanged surprised glances. The desert had a way of revealing secrets, but we hadn’t expected our mission to precede us. “Yes, we are,” I replied cautiously.

Gabriel leaned in, his voice lowered to a conspiratorial tone. “I can’t guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for, but I know someone who might. There’s an old observatory not too far from here. Locals say it’s a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity. Some claim they’ve seen lights dancing in the sky, and others swear they’ve had close encounters.” Gabriel beckoned some patrons at another table over to our own, and winked at me before leaving us with his invitees. They were an odd band of intellectuals and mystics, bound together by stories of inexplicable phenomena. Some spoke of ghostly apparitions guiding their paths, while others claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects soaring through the night skies.

The most talkative among them was an eccentric astronomer named Dr. Octavia. She spoke of an ancient petroglyph deep within the desert, known only to a select few. According to her research, this petroglyph was a cosmic map, guiding those who could decipher its symbols to a place where the veil between worlds was thin. 

“I’m willing to share most of what I know with you,” she offered,” but first, you must sign this contract.” Dr. Octavia pushed a green paper form across our table. 



Remembering the Alien Attracting Checklist that had followed Iryna’s secret email; I signed without reading past the form’s title, Googie trusted my lead.

“Perfect,” Dr. Octavia quickly put a rock in my hand, “This is all you’ll need. Find that petroglyph, and you’ll find everything else you’re looking for.” She said with certainty, and a furtive glance in Gabriel’s direction before leaving the restaurant in a hurry. 

With renewed determination, we set out in pursuit of two solid leads; the observatory Gabriel mentioned and the elusive petroglyph. Armed with laser lights, we ventured first into the desert’s heart, guided by a blend of ancient lore and modern technology.

Under a starlit sky, the laser lights danced across the rocks, and the desert seemed to come alive with the promise of revelation. As if responding to our call, a faint glimmer of light appeared in the distance, drawing us closer with each step.

Finally, we stood before the petroglyph, an intricate maze of symbols etched into the rock. It was a sight to behold, and the realization dawned on us that we were at the nexus of something far greater than ourselves.

As the laser lights traced the patterns, a steady ringing grew louder and hovered above us. The desert landscape shimmered, and for a brief moment, it felt like we were on the cusp of a profound revelation. The moment was interrupted by the blare of a megaphone calling out to Googie and well…



The eclectic group we’d met at Gabriel’s had followed us. Dr. Octavia, leading them, quickly disclosed that the helpful rock she’d given me was a clever tracking device. 

“I like your gumption,” she explained, “and although it was clear neither of you had the brains to achieve your goal alone – I wanted to make sure that you could at least follow directions – before gathering our team’s resources to help you.”

“Wow! We passed the test Sweetie!” Googie fist bumped me proudly beamed from what he understood to be a compliment.
Grateful for the help despite its covert implications, our mission was further emboldened by the new team of experts at our side. Even stranger was my own secret discovery that joining a caravan of strangers would make me realize just how comforting the familiarity of Googie was. 



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