Case Study 1

How Stepanchuk CPA Increased After-Tax Cash Flow by $93,147 and Boosted Bottom Line Revenue

Overview of Brand

Main Objectives


Solutions and Strategies provided by Stepanchuk CPA

Here are some of the major issues faced by the business we worked with, and how we provided solutions


Difficulty in maintaining a steady cash flow.


They struggle to maintain cash flow due to poor accounting and payment method.
We suggested changes to their invoicing and payment processes to help them stay on top of cash flow.


Inadequate knowledge of state and local tax laws.


Due to the lack of awareness of state and local tax laws, the firm was missing out on potential tax savings.
We informed and guided them on taking advantage of opportunities on the state and local level that saved the company additional money on taxes.


Lack of retirement planning and health insurance options.


Our retirement plan and health insurance increased employee retention and made the company more attractive to more senior hires, which increased company capacity and its earning opportunity.


Uncertainty around entity classification.


We helped the business to choose the legal and tax structure that maximises tax savings and helps avoid legal issues.


No strategy around maximising expenses and deductions, resulting in higher taxes.


To save money on taxes, our team advised on how to maximise tax deductions and receive tax credits small businesses are entitled to.


Working in multiple states and localities and how that affects tax compliance with state and local tax nexus.


We helped the business understand their state and local tax obligations and recommended states and localities that could produce the highest tax savings.

Result with us

When it comes to running a small business, every dollar counts.

By focusing on various aspects such as 

We were able to help our client achieve great results.